Fulmer Hungarian Acacia Honeycomb

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In 1929, a great family tradition gave birth to one of the most renown bee-keeping institutions in Hungary. 

Fulmer All Natural Hungarian Acacia Honeycomb is harvested with the utmost care and expertise. The process is completely natural every step of the way; the honey is heated only by the warmth of the summer sun. Fulmer sources its raw honeycomb from the best European apiaries, ensuring a top quality, gourmet product every time. This is a sweet, crunchy delicacy you can't pass up.

  • Origin: Hungary
  • Varietal: Acacia
  • Flavor Profile:  sweet and crunchy
  • Recommended Use: cheese plate, tea and other sweet plates
  • Sizes: 200 gr (7.05 oz) and 400 gr (14.11 oz)


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